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Meet Cindy Stagg

Educator, Author, Mom, and Motivational Speaker

In my twenty plus years as an educator, I've seen changes...

My oldest daughter was born just three weeks after the Columbine shooting in 1999. Since that time, I have watched as my own children and students have grown up in a public school culture that has practically come to expect these shootings. My daughter said she doesn't know what it's like to go to school without thinking about this tragic possibility. And as if school shootings weren't tragic enough on their own, kids today are dealing with an ongoing list of complex issues like anxiety, depression, addiction, and other ills.


After the school shooting in Parkland, FL, I decided it was time to take action. I founded Stagg Youth Leadership and am now on a crusade to empower the youth of this country to take matters into their own hands. Our society considers the youth to be the future leaders of America, but we need them to be leaders NOW. Their very lives depend on it. If they can learn to lead now, imagine what they can do in the future!


I'm arming kids with the Three C's of COMMITMENT, COURAGE, and COMPASSION so that they'll feel empowered to STAND UP, REACH OUT, and LEAD.

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The Power of Connection is an entertaining and inspiring message that Cindy shares to show both students and teachers that everyone can be a leader. When we realize how c...
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I couldn’t have asked for a better motivational speaker for the cheer team.....

totally worth every minute. Cindy was relatable, informational, inspirational, and personal!

Trish Cheal

High School Cheer Coach

Cindy talked to my students about leadership, and it was inspiring! Because she connects so well with young people, the student discussion was deep and meaningful. She really got the kids thinking and talking! They loved the activity too. It’s a powerful experience to see kids motivated to make positive changes and become leaders. 

Teresa Segura

GATE Teacher

I cannot express my excitement enough about what Cindy Stagg teaches. My girls from Girls on the Run were able to talk about being leaders and were vulnerable with the questions she asked. I loved how vulnerable Cindy was with the girls and the tools she gave my girls. 

Thank-you again for your time and effort. 

Lindsay Jepperson

Special Ed,

Girls On the Run Coach

Cindy Stagg has transformed our conversation on what it takes to help our kids navigate this challenging world with her ideas on building leadership. Her down to earth approach helped my group of struggling parents gain important resources to strengthen themselves and their kids.

Kyndel Marcroft

Family Counselor

"Leaders are like the sun shining on the grass, helping each individual blade to grow."
                  4th grade student on leaders


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